POWER2THEPIXEL was born out of this idea. It is the way I have always seen the industry, really. I first picked up a video camera when I was nine years old and over a decade later this ethos has stuck with me - the notion that film is accessible to anyone and everyone. Without being too cliché, a picture really does paint a thousand words. The images I have created can be understood and can be felt by people from vastly different cultures; who speak different languages; who live on the opposite side of the planet. I get such pleasure out of doing this job because it is rewarding in every way possible. For me, I get to expand my knowledge and technical skill within the video production industry and I get to meet some amazing, talented people. But importantly, for you - you get to see that idea in the back of your brain come to life right before your eyes, and you get to share it across the world. And that is the best feeling in the world.

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I've spent the past eleven years of my life in the video production industry and have done many personal films, professional films and both freelance and corporate video production. Take a look at my credentials for the lowdown.


There's nothing more I love than getting to know who I'm working with and really connecting and understanding how they want their ideas to manifest on screen. I'm a very sociable person and I do my absolute best to make people trust me with their concepts.


I'm a very versatile film-maker. I never like to do the same thing twice and as far as I'm concerned, film is one of the best ways to find the limits of your own creativity - there's no such thing as "you can only do so much" in this arena. If you want a spaceship fight on camera, I'll try my hardest find a way to make it happen.